7 reasons to love Memberium

Build a powerful membership site with Memberium, WordPress & Infusionsoft. Here are my top reasons you will absolutely love using Membnerium.

1. Shortcodes
Shortcodes allow you to easily add functions and logic to your website. An example, with shortcode [memb_set_tag] you can set a tag when a logged in User visits a page. Another great thing about shortcodes is that they play nice in the WordPress’s visual editor. So you won’t have to worry about your page format getting messed up when switching between the visual and WYSIWYG editor. You can see a full list of all of Memberium’s shortcodes here https://memberium.com/documentation/shortcodes/.

2. Deep Infusionsoft integration!
And when I say deep, I mean it. There aren’t too many things you can pull off inside Infusionsoft with Memberium. Here is a short list of my favorites:

  • Conditional shortcode to control access to portions of a post, page or widget based on the logged in user’s tags.
  • Only shows content wrapped in shortcode if a member is logged in. Can be set to display alternate content if not logged in.
  • Conditional shortcode to control access to portions of a post, page or widget based on the logged in user’s membership level.
  • AutoLogin, this feature enables you to provide a link for your users to click that will automatically log them into your site without requiring them to enter their username and password.
  • Run an action set upon page load (no button).
  • Run one of several Infusionsoft automation actions when a user clicks button.
  • This shortcode enables you to achieve a Campaign Builder goal for the currently logged in user and activates the next step the sequence.
  • Run a specific Infusionsoft action set, apply or remove tags, add/remove Follow Up Sequences, or Achieve Campaign Builder goals when a user clicks a link.
  • Does not render anything, but when a user visits the page, The specified Follow Up Sequence is paused.
  • This shortcode allows your visitors to upload files to the Infusionsoft File Box.
  • This shortcode provides a simple way for you to push updates to your Infusionsoft contact fields.
  • This shortcode provides a safe and secure way to enable your members to update their Infusionsoft contact fields.
  • This shortcode enables you to place a button on the page to perform a one-click upsell. The advantage of using this shortcode is that the payment on the order is processed immediately, unlike using an action set, which can take up to 6 hours to process the invoice payment.

3. It uses WordPress.
This is a huge one! Love or hate WordPress, it’s popularity is proof of its serviceability. I happen to love WordPress, and while it’s not perfect. It is a solid and constantly improving platform. Also, it is arguably one of the best Content Managment Systems out there.

4. It’s fairly priced!
Starting at $47 monthly for unlimited users, unlimited membership levels, and live support. You will be hard-pressed to find a better-priced membership solution of this quality. You can also save an additional $94 when you pay annually. And they have a “30 Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee”. You can check out all their pricing here https://memberium.com/pricing/

5. Because it integrated with WordPress, it integrated with many other plugins that also integrate with WordPress
Memberium integrated with Learn Dash, Sensei, WP Courseware, WPEP, Badge OS, Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, bb Press, FuseDesk, DigitalR, and Yoast. Those are only the official plugin integrations. I have successfully integrated it with other powerful plugins for my Clients as well.
Memberium integrations

6. It also integrated with Active Campaign.
This is very exciting! Because Memberium also integrated with Active Campaign. You won’t be stuck with only Infusionsoft as an option. Also, the Active Campaign integration starts at $19 monthly vs the $49 for the Infusionsoft integration. You can check out more details on the Active Campaign version here https://activecampaign.memberium.com/

7. Stability and quality of code.
While this might not sound as exciting, it is! This means that your membership website will keep making you money without downtime. I have used hundreds of plugins over the years, and I can say that Memberium is amongst the highest quality.

There are many more reasons to love Memberium, these are just a few standouts I wanted to share at this time. Please let me know if you have any questions about Memberium. I have been using it extensively for over a year now and really loving it!

If you have any questions send us a message through our contact page.

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