What is and how to set a G Suite account

G suite is a Google platform for business e-mail and team management that can be accessed in any device. Entrepreneurs usually use it to set a company’s emails for all the team members. If you have a company and you want it to succeed on the internet it is highly recommended that you sign up … Read more

How we design a logo (the process)

The process of creating a logo consists of many steps and a lot of creativity. We would like to share with you a little bit of the process we went through while creating a logo for one of our clients. Lauren wanted a logo for her business, called Genetic Jane. Step 1) Get to know the client’s business We … Read more

How to create a WordPress blog post

It is very common that people want to have a blog section on their website in order to be able to publish posts on it. If your website is created in Word Press (WP), you will need to learn its “creating/publishing a posts process”. We have selected some basic steps on how to create a … Read more

If you need to set up a newsletter for your business, try Mailchimp

MailChimp consists of an email marketing software (EMS) that facilitates to design, to save and to send email templates. This way, using MailChimp you are able to create beautiful landing pages that make it easier for people to buy your products or join your list. It works through a sequence of steps: 1- First, to … Read more

How can heatmaps help you improve your website

A Heatmap is a map or diagram that represents data status through colors and that can help you discover facts about the audience on your website. This tool enables authors to track their visitors’ clicks. This way authors get to know the audience intentions when they browse the website, so it is easier to know … Read more

FREE Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions generator tool

While helping our clients, we have noticed that a lot of people struggle to create their Website Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. If that’s your case, we would like to make some suggestions for it. If you need to create a Privacy Policy, you can go to Privacy Policy Generator and fill a few fields … Read more

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