Editing & managing menus in WordPress

Note: You must be logged in to edit and manage WordPress menus.

Finding the Menus
Login, click Appearnace in the left had Admin menu. Then select the “Menus” sub menu item.

Selecting a menu
Select the menu you would like to edit or manage from the drop down.

Reordering menu items
It is simple, just click and drag. You can also move an item below and to the right of another item to make it a submenu item.

[videopress 1IDxeqh8]

Adding menu items
Select new menu items you would like to add from the left side menu bar.

[videopress 0Lw5pEWt]

Creating a new menu
Click the create new menu link. Name your menu and click the “create menu” button. That’s it, you can now start adding items to the menu.

Have I missed something you would like me to cover in this tutorial? Let me know in the comments and I will add it 🙂

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