Google keeps impressing the importance of the mobile user’s experience

With statements like these:

When it comes to mobile, it’s time to stop making excuses.

The stakes on mobile are higher than ever before, says Matt Bush, Country Director of Google U.K. That means it’s time for marketers to stop making excuses.
Matt Bush – Director of Google U.K.

It continues to be made clear that Google’s focus is on mobile first websites. One of the major things that keep being mentioned is the speed of websites. They are hammering this home over and over! In my experience, this means that Google will begin to penalize websites that don’t make this a priority.

I have recently seen this with Google’s push to penalize those who don’t use an SSL on their website. At first, they would mention that it was a good idea. Then they would mention that they strongly suggest it. And now in the latest versions of the Chrome web browser, there is a message that says “Not secure” next to your domain name in the search bar.

So this is a great time to prep for the coming penalties for those websites that are slow and give a poor experience to the mobile user. Make sure to read more about this from the horse’s mouth here

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