How can heatmaps help you improve your website

A Heatmap is a map or diagram that represents data status through colors and that can help you discover facts about the audience on your website.
This tool enables authors to track their visitors’ clicks. This way authors get to know the audience intentions when they browse the website, so it is easier to know what adjustments to apply to make pages more compelling. Knowing the audience interests allows authors to decide which website elements should be highlighted.
The heatmap also displays how many visitors reach each scrolling website area and shows the audience’s cursor movements while they hover the website elements.
To install a Heatmap in WordPress you just need to choose a platform. The one we recommend is Hotjar, which is free to test. In addition, Hotjar provides screen recordings of each visitor so it is possible to watch the audience movements and also gives you the option to create simple and interactive polls to ask your users for their feedback.

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