How to create a WordPress blog post

It is very common that people want to have a blog section on their website in order to be able to publish posts on it.

If your website is created in Word Press (WP), you will need to learn its “creating/publishing a posts process”.

We have selected some basic steps on how to create a WP blog post and we hope they can help you start blogging.

First, you have to enter the WP back end of your website. For that, go to your browser, type the website URL and add /wp=admin at the end of it. Click enter and the WP Login screen should appear. Enter your username and password and press “log in”.

Once you’re in the WP Dashboard, select “post” in the menu, right click on it and choose “Add New”. Wait for the admin post page to be loaded.

Here you can insert the new blog post title:

It is recommended that you keep the title short and attractive in order to get more viewers.
In this window you can enter and format the content (writing, links, and images) of the post:

There are two ways to view the content in this box, you can click on the Visual tab to edit the content in a regular text editor or you can click on the Text tab to work with HTML code.


We can add pictures to the post. Click the “Add Media” Button, then click on Upload Files. You can either click on the send files button, select the files you want from your computer, or drag and drop files there and then click “insert into post” button.

After you have edited the post you can select its category or create a new one.

To upload a featured image, you can upload them or select them in the media library.

After everything is set you can reach the publish button.

And that’s it!

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