How we design a logo (the process)

The process of creating a logo consists of many steps and a lot of creativity. We would like to share with you a little bit of the process we went through while creating a logo for one of our clients.

Lauren wanted a logo for her business, called Genetic Jane.

Step 1) Get to know the client’s business

We interviewed Lauren asking her questions about her job and her style preferences (colors, fonts, etc). As Lauren already had an idea of what she wanted, she gave us a handmade sketch. This was very much appreciated as it gave us a great place to start. We were vectorized her hand sketch so that could change the color and shape easily.

Step 2) Research competitors and target audience

Once we got to know Lauren’s job, we were able to researched Genetic Jane’s competitors and its target audience.

Step 3) Defining colors, shapes, and style.

The vectorized logos guided Lauren so she could choose colors and the next step was to detach the elements that were on the drawing so we could research references for each of them.

Step 4) Looking for references.

At this step, we have selected some references for hearts, DNA helix and stethoscope. These are some examples of the reference elements we have collected from the internet:

Step 5) Brainstorm, tests, and fonts

Then we have brainstormed it’s combinations and tried them out. Once we’ve created some combinations we started looking for fonts that would match them. The final result used “Roboto Cn” and “Alex Brush” fonts.

Step 6) To present the results for the client
At the end of the process, we have presented some logo options for Lauren and she approved them all, with no tweaks or adjustments.

And the ones she is currently using are:

Step 7) To prepare the files to be used in different formats.

We have prepared the files so Lauren can use them anywhere.
If you’re thinking about getting your logo, like Lauren did, don’t hesitate in contacting us.

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