If you need to set up a newsletter for your business, try Mailchimp

MailChimp consists of an email marketing software (EMS) that facilitates to design, to save and to send email templates. This way, using MailChimp you are able to create beautiful landing pages that make it easier for people to buy your products or join your list.

It works through a sequence of steps:

1- First, to create a campaign or an automation;

2- To create a new email;

3- To choose its design;

4- To enter the content to display

5- To send it out.

6- To check the tracking results in order to improve the next campaign

Campaigns differ from Automations because these ones are sent automatically, based on certain triggers, while those are sent out at a specific time.

Other advantages of MailChimp are that its landing pages are optimized for mobile, that you can create segmented lists or send your email to partial lists, that you can create A/B tests (two versions of a newsletter, among which MailChimp determines the one with the highest open rate), and that it has easy options for social media sharing.

MailChimp pricing varies depending on the subscribers’ volume. If you only need to send out campaigns to under 2000 subscribers, there’s a free plan you can use, which is great because you can use almost every feature it has got, including automations. Otherwise, It is possible to pay for an account from just $10/mo in order to use advanced features, including remove the MailChimp logo from your emails.

You would only need a paid plan, that starts at $20 and goes up if you hit 2,000 subscribers or 12,000 emails per month.

For all those reasons we believe you should definitely try MailChimp if you need to set up a newsletter for your business.

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