Track your data and optimize your work

There’s a really good free tool to help people to track website data in order to optimize their work, it’s called Bitly.
You can access, create a free account and you will be ready to enter a URL and track its clicks and where do they come from.

Bitly can add a lot your work. As you’ll be able to discover which posts on your website are more visited by the audience, it ends up as guidance for your future publications.
Besides tracking clicks, Bitly also shortens URL links (take long URLs and shrink them into much smaller ones). This resource has become very popular in limited character platforms, like Twitter.

Once you have created an account and added and shorten a link, you can customize it and share it on social media or any other place.
Although the free account version is pretty complete, Bitly has also a premium status, so you can upgrade your free account. Upgrading to a premium account would depend on each person’s needs.

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